Cosmetic Dentistry

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to the variety of treatments and advanced methods used to improve a person’s smile. These can include things like teeth whitening, veneers, and dental implants. The benefits of cosmetic dentistry are not merely aesthetic, however. Several treatments are designed to restore the patient’s jawline and bite, helping to prevent further issues in the future. Cosmetic dentistry can therefore improve the person’s overall quality of life. At the Campbell Dental Arts, we offer cosmetic dentistry in Escondido, California.

Cosmetic dentistry can be recommended for various reasons. For example, if you have a lost or damaged tooth, your dentist will suggest the most suitable solution such as crowns, or dental implants. Other types of cosmetic dentistry that are used to treat stained or discolored teeth include teeth whitening and veneers. Your dentist will give you a complete consultation to determine the best way to restore your smile. At the Campbell Dental Arts, we provide a range of cosmetic dentistry services in Escondido California. 

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Teeth whitening

Although there are a number of over-the-counter products available, professional teeth whitening is much more effective. A qualified dentist will use the latest methods to combat stubborn stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening is a quick and easy procedure. In the majority of cases, it can be done in a single session, with minimal disruption caused to the patient.


Veneers are a permanent solution to both damaged or discolored teeth. They’re a thin covering, typically made from porcelain, that fits snugly over the “problem” tooth. Veneers are custom-designed to match the exact color, size, and shape of the original tooth. They also feel completely natural and won’t affect how you eat, drink, or speak. Veneers are durable and with proper oral hygiene can last a very long time.


Crowns are also a similar type of cap used to cover damaged teeth. The main difference between crowns and veneers is that crowns are more commonly used for back teeth and veneers for the front ones that feature in your smile. Dental crowns are also a long-term solution for fixing broken teeth. As well as improving the appearance they also strengthen the damaged tooth and help to maintain your jawline.

Dental implants

Dental implants are a long-term solution for a lost tooth or a tooth that needs to be extracted. They are custom-made to match the color, size, and shape of the original tooth making them completely natural in appearance. After dental implants have been fitted, the patient will adjust to chewing normally. They’re easy to maintain and you won’t need to restrict your diet. In fact, dental implants are virtually unnoticeable to the patient.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Escondido, California
At Campbell Dental Arts, we provide a range of treatments and solutions. Our friendly team is always available for more information about cosmetic dentistry and our other services. If you are looking for reliable cosmetic dentistry in Escondido, California get in touch today.